Ole Bardahl


"If we can't make the best chemicals in the world, we won't make any at all"

"If we can't make the best chemicals in the world, we won't make any at all"

Brand History

First production Bardahl

Advertising poster additives Bardahl

The history of the development of the brand Bardahl begins with the immigration of its founder, Ole Bardal from Norway to America in 1922. Ole Bardal was born in 1902 in Norway, where he began to receive an education.

In the US, he went at the age of 20 years, completely unaware of the language and with no means of livelihood. Ole settled in Ballard, a Scandinavian immigrant community located in northwest Seattle. These were times of severe unemployment in America. However, Ole was lucky - he managed to find a job at the sawmill. In his spare time, he improves his knowledge in the field of chemistry.

By 1929, the accumulated money was enough to become a construction contractor. This helped him survive the Great Depression.

Ole Bardal became closely interested in the automotive industry. Using his knowledge of chemistry, he is trying to improve lubricating fluids. And in 1939, Ole Bardal managed to develop a formula that allowed the production of additives that reduce the wear of the main components of the engines by 40%. The formula uses the principle, which is still the basis for many manufacturers. The additive formed a protective film on the friction parts.

This formula was immediately classified in the United States. So Olya further created and launched a technology based on molecules, charged by polar particles, that could stay on metal surfaces. A protective layer was created that reduced friction. This technology is called Polar Plus. But the secrecy regime of the formula did not last long. Already in the 40s, the secrecy neck was removed, and Bardahl motor oil was used in the US Army.

After the war, the company's branches opened first in the United States and then in Europe.

Bardal during the war

During the Second World War, the American army seriously became interested in the development of Bardal and, after thorough testing, adopted them. In particular, its additives were added to the aircraft engines of the US Air Force. That allowed the pilots, even with a broken oil pipe, to bring the car to the home airfield.


Additive Bardahl for the USAF


Bardahl in the service of the USAF

Polar Attraction with Fullerenes

The modern formula "Polar Attraction with Fullerenes" is the latest Bardahl development, which has no analogues in the world. The additional use of nano particles of fullerenes (60-atomic carbon) allows structuring the oil, making randomly arranged molecules of chaotically located structures in the form of tiny balls. Which work as peculiar bearings and impart outstanding protective properties to the oil, reducing friction, and reducing wear.

Bardahl for today

Today, Bardahl is a dynamic company with production sites located in Belgium, France and Italy, and five more plants.

A wide range of products can satisfy any demand. The company's products are suitable for cars and trucks. The manufacturer does not divide its products into professional or amateur lines, but uses the principle of uniform quality, i.e. a product may have a difference in application, but will not differ in quality.