Bardahl signed a cooperation agreement with a new partner - “BMW West”

The Bardahl campaign was named after its founder, Ole Bardal, who was born in Norway and moved to the United States at the age of twenty. For a long time, Ole studied chemistry, and carried away by auto racing, which was very popular at that time, he began to create a formula that would allow to increase the engine power at high loads and temperatures. Positive feedback from the riders and the results of laboratory studies have proven the effectiveness of the development of Bardal. In 1939, Bardahl opened its doors in Seattle. Among the products of the brand were presented cleaners and additives in the oil, which received approval in auto and motorcycle races. A few years later it became possible to buy Bardahl for aviation and water transport. On the eve of the Second World War, the American army drew attention to the products of the brand, since then the formula has been kept secret, and Bardahl engaged in the manufacture of chemistry for military equipment. The formula was declassified in the late forties, when Bardahl was recognized as the official supplier of the US Army. The first European branch of S.A.D.A.P.S Bardahl was opened in the 1950s in France. And ten years later, the company begins to actively work on the development and manufacture of lubricating products used in various industries. The division was named Bardahl Industry. Over time, many manufacturers of equipment and organizations, including General Electric, Boeing and NASA, begin to cooperate with the company. Today, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation is the largest company, the market leader in chemical products.